How to Eliminate false Alarms

How can false alarms be eliminated in a security system?

False alarms in a security system can be a nuisance and lots of fines, if they occur frequently, may lead to complacency or ignored alarms. To eliminate false alarms and ensure the reliability of your security system, consider the following strategies: Regular Maintenance and Testing, ensure that your security system is well-maintained and regularly tested … Read more

How to Select the Best Surveillance System

How to Select the Best Surveillance System How to Select the Best Surveillance System Home and business security matter a lot to everyone due to the amount of investments involved. Although most places are considered safe, you cannot risk your hard earned investments by ignoring security measures. There is potential for burglary everywhere. Theft brings … Read more

Your Alarm System Could be Useless,

5 Easy Ways To Fix it By Tony Navarrete Traditionally an alarm system contains a control panel which is the brain of the system. This unit should be located away from the keypad and the siren because if the control panel is disabled by an intruder it could potentially disable the alarm system. As customary … Read more

Security Alarms and CCTV Systems

Alarms and CCTV Systems Are you wondering whether to install a security system in your home and if you should go for security, alarms or CCTV system? Most homes and businesses experience invasion, but it has been shown that security systems can help reduce or prevent theft and burglary. To help you make an informed … Read more