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Security Alarms and CCTV Systems

Alarms and CCTV Systems


CCTV Camera or surveillance oeprating with building in background


How do the Alarms and CCTV Systems work?


Are you wondering whether to install an alarm and CCTV security system in your home? and if you should go for security, alarms, or CCTV systems, or both? Most homes and businesses experience a crime, it has been shown that security systems can help reduce or prevent theft and burglary. The truth is that both systems complement each other.

Make an informed decision, and you don’t leave your home or company vulnerable without a security system, we shall take a look at different types of systems for security.

Alarm systems work on the basic principle of securing the possible entry points, like the windows and doors. No matter the size of the home or the total number of windows and doors you have, you can deploy numerous security components throughout your home. Here are three main systems you can install.
Control panel –this is the main controller of the security system, Interior and exterior motion sensors, door and window sensors, high-decibel alarm or siren, and, window stickers or a yard sign

The Alarm systems work on the concept of securing the entry points with sensors that send information to the command center or control panel. Motion sensors are placed indoors to secure open spaces and hallways.
When a security system gets armed at a control panel, the sensors communicate with it and report that the entry point is now secure. In case the monitored window or door is opened suddenly, the security circuit gets broken, and immediately the alarm’s control panel will interpret that the secured zone has been breached. Immediately, the alarm’s siren will go off or the alarm monitoring company will be notified automatically.
The control panel is a computer that arms or disarms a security system, communicates with all the installed components, triggers the alarm once the security zone gets breached, and sends information to the alarm monitoring company.
The control panels feature a touchpad that makes it easy to program or operate. This is where passcodes are entered to either arm or disarm a system, or be programmed to work using wireless remote controls known as key fobs.
Motion sensors are components that protect against a certain space when armed by creating an invisible zone that can be breached without sounding the alarm. Typically, they are used to protect the rooms with valuables or rooms that are less frequent in a large home or business. High-decibel alarms and emergency lights are normally loud enough for the neighbors to hear. They alert your neighbors that a problem has occurred and are shrill enough to send the invader running.
Window stickers and yard signs may seem like a marketing tool for the security company, but they also have an essential role in your property’s security. Once you place the sticker on your front yard or window, you will be informing everyone including the burglars that your property is protected professionally, so it’s unwise to attempt burglary.

A CCTV security system uses surveillance cameras and, they are part of the overall security system. CCTV cameras are used to monitor areas of the property that are hard to see, remote buildings like workshops, barns, and garages, including exterior and interior entry points such as front doors and garage doors
Usually, CCTV surveillance cameras are accessed remotely on smartphones, tablets, or computers and are often used this way when the property owner isn’t out of town but still wants to watch whatever is taking place. The cameras can also record live video for review if needed. They can also help you look at the burglars or thieves and even the vehicle they drove.

Initially, CCTV systems used tiny low-resolution white and black monitors that lacked interactive capabilities. Now modern CCTV can provide high-resolution color displays and include features like the ability to track something or someone or to zoom on an image, among other features. You can also get talk CCTV which lets an overseer communicate with people within range of the camera-linked speakers.
Key components of CCTV security systems

Popular applications for CCTV security system
Unlike security and alarm systems, the CCTV system has many applications. Some of them include:
Preventing crime
CCTV surveillance systems are used in many locations because they have proved to be effective when it comes to preventing crimes, especially in crime hot spots like ATMs, parking lots as well and public transportation. These systems are also essential in casinos, shopping malls, and banking halls because they deter shoplifters and pickpockets.
Industrial monitoring and safety
You can use a CCTV security system for various industrial supervision purposes particularly if your company deals with hazardous industrial processes and the operating conditions aren’t conducive for humans.
Public safety applications
Surveillance cameras tend to be instrumental when it comes to ensuring public safety in operating large machines like subway trains and amusement park rides. Operators utilize these cameras to make sure that people are safe –they should be far away from the moving parts before the machines start to operate.
Management tool
Managers in a retail environment can also use CCTV cameras to monitor the activities and movement of their employees as such, the managers can tell whether a member of staff came to work on time or not or if they are handling their duties and responsibilities as expected. The systems are also essential when it comes to preventing theft, mischief, or other kinds of unprofessional conduct in a workplace.
Monitoring traffic
A CCTV system is an important tool in a traffic monitoring application. It can be installed in a city or motorway to monitor the flow of traffic and detect accidents, congestion, or other incidents that could be hazardous to motorists. CCTV videos have also gained popularity in offering evidence in a court of law. Footage captured by the system can be used by the police or law enforcers as evidence which could help detect or convict offenders.
If you’re worried about the security of your home or business, you can pick any of these systems we have discussed in this post to ensure your family and property are protected. The technology is very easy to use, simple to understand, and cost-effective.


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